Blue and Gold Publishing is pleased to present:

13 Creepy Rhymes: A Halloween Collection

In these pages are thirteen
Stories spun for Halloween,
Or for reading 'round the fire
If a chill is your desire.

Pour a goblet of your best.
Find a seat where you can rest.
These rhymes are the darker kind:
Tales tuned to tease your mind.

Light the candles, bar the door,
Hang the garlic to be sure
The window won't let bat wings in.
Turn the pages to begin...

Table of Contents:

Harvest Moon 1
The Fall of Phineas Flanagan 7
Raymond Had the Flu 11
Mirrors 15
Oops! 21
Abigail Pass 29
Flight 19 35
Private First Class Thompson 39
Star Party 51
The Curse of Battle Bluff 57
A Graveyard Tale 61
The Gatekeeper 65
Raven's Last View 75

92 pages, available in Paperback only.

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